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Coolest Homemade No Sew Child Crayon Halloween Costume

Both of my children wanted to be crayons this year for Halloween. To make a fairly inexpensive, Homemade No Sew Child Crayon Halloween Costume, try this:

Measure your child just under the arms all the way around, add 2″ for extra spacing. Add 1 yard to cover matching cone hat. Cut colored fleece fabric to fit width around.

Using classroom cork board, trim trace the wavy side onto the black fleece. Make 2 strips of these, one for the top, the other for the bottom of crayon.

Lay the colored fleece on a flat surface and place the black wavy trim at the top and bottom. Using a hot glue gun, glue the black fleece onto the colored fleece, pressing firmly after it is in place.

Using a document editor, print out the word “Crayon”. Cut out these letters using sharp scissors and trace them onto the black fleece.
Lay the colored fleece fabric flat and measure to find the center point. At the center point, lay the fleece letters vertically down the front. Hot glue the letters onto the colored fleece.

Stick the Velcro to the inner back strip of the colored fleece. This will form the closure of the costume.

Cut 4, 1.5” x 8″ strips for the straps to hold up the costume. Holding the colored fleece up to your child, pin the straps in place for best fit in front and back. Using a needle and thread, tack the straps onto the colored fleece. The front and back straps will tie.
Fold up the piece of cardboard to form a cone. Fit it to your child’s head. Cover the cardboard with colored fleece. Attached elastic strip to cone hat using stapler.

If desired, make 3 yarn balls for each shoe and top of hat. Simply wrap colored yarn around anything (I used a zip disc). Cut center, creating several strips of yarn approximately the same length. Holding the strips at both ends, tie the center together and fluff. Attach balls with wire.

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