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Coolest DIY Elmer’s Glue Bottle Halloween Costume

I had a couple of ideas this year about what I wanted to be for Halloween, and I decided on the Elmer’s Glue because it was the most cost effective. I also wanted something that was going to be easy to wear because I was going to be in a crowded bar for the night.

The only item I purchased for this DIY Elmer’s Glue Bottle Halloween Costume was the hat and I bought it at Walmart for 2 dollars or so. I had the T-shirt already (which is one of the Hanes men’s undershirts that you buy in packs) and to put the logo on it I used a simple “screen printing” technique that I learned from a friend.

I cut the logo out of freezer paper and ironed the paper onto the shirt. With the paper stuck to the shirt, I used it as template to paint the appropriate colors within the cut-out parts with acrylic paint (you could use screen printing ink if you have it but I didn’t have the right colors). After the paint dries I peeled the paper off and my logo was left.

To finish the outfit, I wore white shorts with black leggings and boots because I wanted my legs to blend in with the darkness of the bar I was going to be in and also help the white to stand out more. A lot of people liked this costume and it got some good laughs.

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