Cool Homemade Elmer’s Glue Stick Costume for a Girl

Cool Homemade Elmer's Glue Stick Costume for a Girl

As always, about two months before Halloween I start talking about costumes, and out of the blue Meg said she wanted to be a glue stick! And not just any glue stick, she was very specific, she wanted to be “the one with the cow on it, the one I use at school”. With no … Read more

Coolest Elmer’s Glue Costume

Homemade Elmer's Glue Bottle Costume

Halloween 2007 was my first year of college. I’m not all about the buying super expensive costumes that cover up about the same as a bathing suit. This is for two main reasons: 1. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a one night or maybe one weekend outfit and 2. I … Read more

Coolest DIY Elmer’s Glue Bottle Halloween Costume

Homemade DIY Elmer's Glue Bottle Halloween Costume

I had a couple of ideas this year about what I wanted to be for Halloween, and I decided on the Elmer’s Glue because it was the most cost effective. I also wanted something that was going to be easy to wear because I was going to be in a crowded bar for the night. … Read more

Coolest Elmer’s Glue Child Costume

Homemade Elmer's Glue Child Costume

This Homemade Elmer’s Glue Child Costume is my son’s first Halloween so I wanted him to have a really awesome costume. And because I wanted it to be unique, I knew that I would be making it instead of buying one. I started with an oversized white turtleneck, about three sizes bigger than he needed. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Elmer’s Glue Costume

Homemade Elmer's Glue Costume

This homemade Elmer’s glue costume was fairly simple to make and pretty cheap. My husband came up with the idea and I created it. First we bought some extra large white sweat pants from Walmart and an extra large t-shirt. We also bought a bright orange toboggan hat and a piece of sticky white felt … Read more