Coolest Homemade Scary Clown Halloween Costume

I was sick and tired of the cute or slutty Halloween costumes being sold in stores, so I decided to get creative and make my own Homemade Scary Clown Halloween Costume. I took my black graduation gown, bought a black afro (because I said black afro, some of my friends thought I was being a black man), and used some makeup to transform me from a fifteen-year-old girl into an original scary clown.

I used to call it a “goth clown”, (my family still calls it that) but then I found out the actual meaning of the word “goth” and I stopped calling it that.

People literally screamed when I turned the corner at school. I really wish I had entered my school’s costume contest, because I would have won in the “Scariest Costume” division. I would have gone up against someone dressed as Freddy Kreuger and someone dressed as a knight holding a boombox playing eerie music.