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Cute Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume

I made the entire Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume with the exception of the wig, shoes and tights! The arm warmers are actually a pair of tights with the feet cut off and slipped onto the arms. I bought most of my supplies at a fabric store. I LOVE how the skirt part is extra shiny!

For the rainbow on the chest, I actually found a vintage Rainbow Brite pillowcase that had a rainbow on it, I cut the rainbow out of the pillowcase and appliqued it onto the bodice. I had some fabric left from the pillowcase that was eventually made into a really cute Rainbow Brite purse! It’s not pictured in this particular photo, but I made a rocking wand with a star on the end!

I actually made it for my sister who lives in New Orleans. She wore it last year for Halloween and I will wear it this year! I have actually made about 7 of these, and I am thinking about making some of the other characters from the 80’s show for next Halloween! I actually made a mini Rainbow Brite costume for a friend’s 12 month old! Too cute!

Rainbow Brite Costume

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