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Coolest Homemade Plumber Costume

For my son’s 2nd Halloween I wanted something comfortable for him to wear and easy to walk around in. The Plumber Costume was simple: jeans, shirt, work boots and a tool belt to carry the very necessary plunger around. What plumber costume would be complete without the union required “crack.”

I had his shirt lettered with “I’m the” on front and “Plumber” on back. I used my dog’s black collar for a tool belt. The handle of the plunger fit perfectly and made it easy for Aidan to carry it around when we were trick-or-treating. For the fun part I took a pair of the smallest pantyhose I could find and made soft sculpture “cheeks.” I used batting to fluff them and ran thread down the back seam and pulled it taut for separation. They pulled up and stayed in place, even on the test drive.

We got great reactions to the costume. Little kids couldn’t figure out why we didn’t just pull his pants up to cover his rear but other parents and neighbors recognized the joke.

Total cost: $15.

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Plumber Costume”

  1. Your son’s costume CRACKED me up!!
    I’ll have to admit I thought that was really
    his bum hanging out. I thought that kids
    gonna catch a cold on Halloween. And pondered
    would someone call social services on you?
    Just kidding!

    I’m giving this costume 2 cracks up!


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