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Coolest Homemade Pinata Baby Costume

I was looking for something original and adorable for my son’s first Halloween costume. After going from store to store and seeing the same old store bought costumes over and over again I gave up!

A friend of mine’s child had a Halloween birthday party, and that’s when it clicked. I will make him a Pinata Baby Costume.

I got an old pair of sweat pants, and sweat jacket. Went to the fabric store and bought 1-yard of every bright color they had. Cut the fabric in to strips from the outer seem, to the inner seem and sewed them on.

After I was done with that I took a regular pair of scissors and shred it up. As for the hat, I cut the tips off of birthday party hats and hot glued them to the hood of the jacket. As well as some fabric on the cones.

The whole thing was really inexpensive, the total cost was around $1, yet priceless for my son’s first costume.

Homemade Pinata Baby Costume

Homemade Pinata Baby Costume

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