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Coolest Homemade Pinata Halloween Costume Idea

My sister and I went as piñatas in 2009 for Halloween. I went to a thrift store and found two pairs of scrubs and two hooded zip up windbreakers with side pockets. Old school style. Then I bought party streamers in pink, yellow and blue (3 of each color) and 4 party hats for the head horns. This was the tedious part.

I cut the streamers into 5 inch strips and then using super strong packing tape I taped 5 or 6 streamer strips to one long strip of tape, the length of the tape strip depending on what part of the costume I was working on. I alternated colors for each layer and made sure the layers overlapped really well so the tape was hidden.

I continued taping each layer all the way up to the hooded top of the jacket. I also pinned some of the layers with safety pins to make sure they wouldn’t fall down (although some of them did during the course of the night). I glued the streamers to the party hats in alternating colors and threaded one extra long streamer through the tops of each party hat (they usually have a small hole in the top, if not you can cut one in).

We stuffed candy into our windbreaker pockets to throw at people. We thought our Pinata Halloween Costume Idea was great.

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Pinata Halloween Costume Idea”

  1. how did you get the cones to stay to your hood? i am stealing your idea for this Halloween and i have already started cutting/taping/gluing, and yes it is tedious. but i have figured out how im gonna get the cones to stay on my head.

  2. the cones are just like regular party hats, so they have thin elastic you could strap under your chin. i pulled the hood up and then put the party hats on last… hope that helps!


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