Coolest Homemade Paratrooper Costume

My son wanted to be a paratrooper with a parachute. I went online and ordered a military uniform. Then I went to the local party store and purchased (4) Gold balloons in the shape of the number 1 and some white curling ribbon. It helps to have two people to construct this, one to hold the balloons the other to tape. Using packing tape, I taped the #1 balloons together. Then I tied the long strips of curling ribbon to the balloons (you probably could just tape them to the balloons too).

Then I tied the “parachute” to a camouflage backpack my son already had. This made it easier for him to take it on and off at school. My son and his friends loved it! There were some houses that he had to take it off to make it to the door to trick or treat, but other than that it was a great costume!

Homemade Paratrooper Costume

Homemade Paratrooper Costume

Homemade Paratrooper Costume

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  1. Looove the costume! My son wants to use it for halloween, too! I’ve got the outfit but I’m having trouble finding the balloons (inexpensively). Did you order online? All the ones I’ve seen are possibly too big or $8.00+ each. Can’t aford that…… Thanks!

  2. we are going to buy muslin and fold it in half sew it then buy smaller balloons to stuff it with, muslin is about 2.00 a yard and regular balloons are 50 cents to 1.00 i think will try and let you all know..

  3. I ended up ordering the #1 balloons online. Since they were so big I just used two for the parachute and it got the point across! Everyone thought the costume was awesome and so unique! The muslin/balloon idea sounds clever. Hope it works. I had thought about doing the same w/ cheesecloth till I located the #1 balloons. I’ll try to post pics soon.

  4. We couldn’t find the #1 balloons so we just got two big rectangular balloons. (they were jack sparrow/pirates) And we covered them with a paper camoflauge tablecloth. It was a little heavy but it worked outside for our Halloween parade. We also just bought camo clothes that my son would wear again. He thought it was so cool!

  5. This is an awesome costume!! You are so creative. I want to make this for my son next year! Maybe a matching one for my husband too! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I tried this with my 3 yr old but since the #1 balloons were so expensive, I decided to make a parachute myself (out of a shower curtain) and fill it with helium balloons. On Halloween we went to the store to pick up our 10 helium balloons and they wouldn’t lift the fabric off the ground, URGH!!!!! But, some quick thinking led us to use a hula hoop taped to the inner of our parachute and then stuffed into a backpack. It turned our great, and my son won 1st place at our local costume contest!

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