Years ago we read a suggestion in Exceptional Parent magazine to incorporate the wheelchair into the Halloween costume. We’ve had lots of fun doing just that and making this Paratrooper and Chick Magnet Wheelchair Costume!

Christopher loves going on the treadmill at his school. He uses a Lite Gait Trainer to suspend him over the treadmill. The physical therapy assistant suggested that Christopher wear all camouflage for Halloween and then they would put him in the Lite Gait harness so that he could be a paratrooper. They even threw a small parachute over the top as he paraded around the school.

Christopher has always been a big flirt and so when we saw the “Chick Magnet” costume, we had to get it for him. Since we had the “Chick Magnet” costume before the paratrooper costume suggestion was made, we decided to do both. After all, what woman can resist a man in uniform??