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Cool Homemade Tank Costume for a Boy

“Army of One – American Transformer”

This is my 12 year old son Billy and his costume which we call Army of One! But First I’m going to give you a bit of background on why we started this. Years ago my family and I suffered a tragic loss on a Halloween morning, So for a while, just hearing the word Halloween brought painful memories for ALL of us. And for a while I allowed my children to be cheated out of the joy that this playful holiday can bring.

Finally, I realized that if this was going to be changed, being the parent, I would have to change it!

So to encourage  the thoughts on Halloween in my daughter, we started throwing giant Halloween parties! Complete with haunted houses (really haunted garage) and all. To encourage my son, we would allow him to pick anything (anything at all) that he wanted to be and then we would create it together.

We started this tradition about 6 years ago, and now my children look forward to Halloween again. I really enjoy it also. It literally has been somewhat of a life lesson for us! That regardless of what has happened in your life, the impact of that situation is what you allow it to be. You CAN make positive changes with your feelings or thoughts about things!! Even when it feels impossible!!

And that’s how we got started extreme costuming!!

Ok,  So this year my son chose and I quote “A transformer-like Army tank”! So We used PVC pipe for the frame, cardboard covered with duct tape for the body, used screws and bolts to hold it together. YOU HAVE TO USE WASHERS w/ bolts or they will pull right thru the cardboard.

Then, after a crash course of DIY youtube, we spray-painted the tank camo! This was fun and messy for us! I have a big boy so we had to make the tank pretty big and the bigger it is the heavier it is. I actually put wheels on the end of the tank so that as he walks he can roll the tank along with him!

There are really no step by step instructions! It took us about 3 weeks to a month to complete this one! Mostly due to trial and error! It’s sturdy enough that we were able to take it trick or treating and this year the reactions we got were awesome! And my son played a hilarious tough and rough soldier to complete the look!

Its not perfect at all but believe it or not we’ve actually had people ask if they could purchase it?!

I hope everyone enjoys it, we definitely have!!

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