Coolest Homemade Pacman Costume

The company I work for has a fundraiser every year with a ‘Centipede’ contest where teams of 8 or more make creative costumes and parade them in a 5k walk.

Our team was inspired by the Pac-man on Google and found the coolest homemade costumes site, which gave us the ideas for how to create the Pacman Costume.

The thing that really deterred us originally was a design that used PVC pipes. That was a little daunting. Fortunately, one of our team members contacted her father who was able to create the structure for each of the costumes out of PVC pipes. The father actually used a blowtorch to soften the PVC pipes and then bend them into usable shapes. The ghosts were made up up 6 PVC pipes each. 2 long ones formed in a U shape, and 4 smaller ones which were used to connect the PVC pipes at the bottom of the U and the top of the U. He also formed the structure for the Pac-man out of PVC pipes.

After the frames were created, everything else was easy. We used felt for the eyes, inexpensive tablecloths for the costumes, and cardboard to make the sides of the Pac-man more rigid.

One tricky part was the glue used to glue the felt together. Normal Elmer’s glue didn’t work. We had to use a fabric glue, which worked wonders. We also used a thicker tablecloth for the Pac-man. It had cotton on the backside so you couldn’t see the cardboard. We also just used a black trash bag for Pac-man’s mouth. All in all, it probably took 8-12 hours for 7 ghosts and the Pac-man.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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