Coolest Homemade Operation and Surgeon Costume

This is our homemade Operation and Surgeon couples costume we wore to our Halloween party this year.

The Surgeon was really simple. It took a quick trip to GoodWill to purchase scrubs. I made the badge on the computer & borrowed the stethoscope from our daughter.

Operation guy was a little more involved, but still relatively easy. To get the “skin” color right, I dyed my own white long-sleeve T-shirt & white scrub pants in tea (pretty easy process – Google it). Next, I painted on the red areas outlined in silver & the pictures to look like the game board. I then used iron-on transfers (the kind you print yourself) to make the words & then ironed them on. The game pieces were made from 1/4″ thick craft foam & stuck to the suit with Velcro (so they would come off). The costume was completed with a simple red clown nose.

The idea was a big hit and we even won Most Creative Couple at our party.

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  1. This is a very creative and unique costume. This couple must have spent a lot of time working on it. VERY Good. Should win!!!

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