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Coolest Homemade My Little Pony Couple Costumes

I love making costumes for Halloween and these Homemade My Little Pony Couple Costumes were easy and fun to make. First we bought long purple tank-top dresses and since they were short, paired them with light pink spandex material skirts. We got these from inexpensive stores in the mall. At Claires we bought the pink belts, the blond ponytail wigs, and the pink and purple hair extensions. At a similar store we got the big purple and pink earrings, the body glitter, and the bows.

We got iron on designs and jewels from Michaels craft store and put a rainbow on the back, jewels on the front, and on the belts. Then we clipped the pink and purple hair extensions in the blond ponytail wig and tied it with a bow before attaching it to the belt. For the ears we attached white paper to headbands and then covered ourselves in body glitter. I carried around a unicorn purse and we wore white sandals. We wore pink eye shadow and lots of glitter, wore our hair half up and curled the rest.

This was a fun costume to make and wear and an idea that everyone really loved! Was not too much work and I recommend this for My Little Pony lovers everywhere.

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