Coolest Homemade Mr T costume and Dodgeball Costume

About a year ago I had a film themed fancy dress party after much deliberation and about 1000 different costume ideas I set my mind on Ben Stiller’s dodge ball character and my friend decided on Mr T

I brought, black cycling shorts, a globo gym t-shirt (slight cheat I know) white football socks, wristbands, a 70’s wig and shredded an old black t shirt to create a head band. The hard part was growing the handle bar moustache which took its toll on my love life a little.

Mr T:
After looking through many charity shops for correct combat trousers and denim jacket. We ripped the sleeves off the jacket and carefully gave it an authentic look by rubbing grass n left over body paint to roughen it up. We went to a fabric shop and brought gold rope tie backs to make the gold bling. New wig with a drastic haircut and colouring and a whole tub or 3 of brown body paint and Mr T was complete.

And this is our Mr T costume and Dodgeball Costume.

Homemade Mr T costume and Dodgeball Costume