In college Halloween was huge for us. My roommates and I wanted to something unique but also inexpensive. We also wanted to do something as a group. I think we were watching that 70’s show or something and started brainstorming ideas and came up with a 70’s Dodgeball Team College Group Costume for our school.

We agreed to make our costumes as cheesy as possible – including the sweat bands and customized T-shirts. We used our school colors and had the shortened version on the Front ‘Assco Dodgeball’ and on the backs our nicknames and a PG-13 slogan “We aim our balls at your balls”.

Overall, the entire costume cost us about $20 … and that’s because none of us owned knee-high socks and sweat bands.

What you will need…

– Sweat Bands for around head and arms (can find at any sporting goods place)
– Short workout shorts
– Sneakers
– Ribbons for your hair (optional)
– A dodgeball (optional)
– A local or online screen printing shop

Because we were last minute Sally’s, we ended up rushing our t-shirt order. I think it ended up costing $13 each for the t-shirts. Not bad! But if you get larger quantities, stick to limited details, and place your order early enough you can probably get the shirts done for a lot cheaper.

Ours was college-theme but you can totally go full out 70’s style with mustard yellow and avocado green colors. Have fun and put your own spin on it!