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Coolest Homemade Mime Costume

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be for Halloween, but it finally came to me. A Homemade Mime Costume would be a unique costume plus it would stand out from all the others. I was just looking through my clothes and when I found a black and white striped shirt, the first thing that came to me was being a mime.

How I made and designed the costume was easy. The only two things I purchased were the makeup and the hat. Most of the other stuff I was wearing I had already.

You can buy any kind of white or black face paint for only about 1$. First I put the white face paint all over my face, and then when that dried I made a black triangle under my eyes. I bought black lipstick for about 50 cents and put in all over my lips. The hat I bought at a Halloween store for only 5$. It looks like a Paris hat with a little piece of fabric sticking up in the middle of the hat.

The socks I used white soccer socks I had but you can just use any long white socks. I found a pair of black and white shoes in my closet so I used that to match everything too.

I used plain black sweats and a black and white striped shirt for the clothing part. My friend gave me her suspenders so I just added that to make the costume look better. I also had a pair of plain white gloves to use for the costume too.

The best thing was that I got lots of compliments.

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21 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Mime Costume”

  1. WOW,thanks so much for this great idea! I don’t have any money for my Halloween costume, and now I can make one with my own clothes! You’re idea is AWESOME, thank you so much!

  2. Thanks so much for that idea, it is going to work perfectly the only thing I don’t have is the suspenders. Do you know where I can find them? and Halloween is only is 6 days, this wont take much time at all to put together.

  3. I found a striped black and white shirt at target for $9 and suspenders at walmart for $6. I had everything else at home. Thanks for the great costume idea. So easy!

  4. My parents didn’t really have the money to get my brother and I both costumes so they said we will have to make them!!! I was walking down one night to see what my mom was doing and i saw her looking at this costume and immediately i knew what I wanted to be!!! My mom was shocked (I am very indecisive!!!) But yea thanks for the ideas. It was very inexpensive.

  5. I love the costume. I was at value vilage(:/) last night trying to find something, because I only have three days left now. I own a shirt, and i bought suspenders, but I don’t have the pants, do you think a skirt with fishnet tights would also work? What if I added a red necktie?

  6. I love being something that is different from everybody else! This was a awesome idea, I am just making it a little more girly. I made a black and white tutu to wear with it instead of pants and found suspenders with bows on them! Hope to have fun…Thanks for the great costume idea!

  7. Thank you for your amazing suggestion! I was at a lost of ideas yesterday for a party and needed a cheap costume. This ended up costing me a total of 15-20 bucks.

    This was great, and I got sooo many compliments on it!


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