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Coolest Homemade Megatrav Transformer Costume

Ever since my brothers and I have been young, we have loved the Transformers franchise. This love inspired me to start building Transformers from cardboard for costumes for family members. For Halloween 2008 I made my youngest brother an Optimus Prime costume. His costume is made of cardboard, tape, paint, spray paint, and hot glue. This consume is now lovingly referred to as, Clintonimus Prime.

Because I thought Optimus went so well, I decided for Halloween this year, 2009, I would keep the tradition alive and construct a Homemade Megatrav Transformer Costume for my middle brother and a Bumblebee costume for my cousin. Both are now called, Megatrav and Baby bee. I have only included the photo of Megatrav to be entered into this contest.

Megatrav took about three months to collect the necessary materials and to build completely from scratch. Megatrav is also made from cardboard, tape, paint, and spray paint and hot glue. The helmet is also made from cardboard, tape, sliver spray paint and red pexiglass glass.

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