I’ve been coming up with Optimus Prime costume ideas and Optimus prime suits for years! My latest idea is to have a light-up matrix in the chest.

The Prime Suit is a six foot robot. It’s free-standing, transforms into a semi truck and is also a comfortable costume.

Features of this Optimus Prime Costume

  • Free-standing
  • You can get into it and walk around
  • Suit expandable to accommodate 5 – 6 feet
  • Suit compacts to a 25″ square cube for transporting
  • Transforms into a semi truck
  • Over 20 lights
  • Robot
  • Free-standing and poseable. Moving hydraulics in the knees and elbows. Expandable waist. Retractable knee guards. Foam lined torso shoulders. Pulsating Matrix feature. Wear it or display it.

Truck – Transforms into the complete semi truck mode. Fists convert to reveal headlights.

Helmet – One-size-fits-all, but it’s on the large size. Breathing holes cut into the faceplate. Mouth moves when speaking. Foam lined.

Weapon – Gun springs open. The tip lights up blue/red automatically based on movement.

Gun Mount -Snap the gun into place on the truck’s fifth wheel. Also accessible while in suit mode.

Hands – Gloves slip on for a snug fit. Made of soft material with rubber grips painted on the palms.

Lights – 21 lights in total. 12 finger lights with 3 encased button batteries. 6 fog lights require 2 AA batteries and 2 headlights which require 2 AAA batteries.

Materials – Made of new hard plastic, hand-formed and riveted. Extremely durable and withstands wear and tear.

BTW, I am an artist, and you can clearly see by my work how my brain works. All angles and math! The problem is, I can’t come up with 300 words for the contest submission – words are extremely difficult for me. It would be a shame if creative people lost out of the contest simply because they are not wordsmiths.

Just saying… Oh and thanks so much for the opportunity to post!