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Coolest Homemade Medusa Unique Halloween Costume Idea

For Halloween my daughter wanted something “different,” “kinda freaky but not too scary.” SO we went through the list of costumes in this realm, the Grim Reaper, Zombie, Mummy, … Medusa. “Yes that’s it, we had a Homemade Medusa Unique Halloween Costume Idea.”

We embarked upon a mission to buy something Grecian goddess-like but couldn’t find anything in a child size that would work. We would have to sew something. We ended up altering an existing pattern to make it Grecian-like and we think the results are stunning. The dress was made with a reptile print spandex as were the headband and a stuffed snake she carried as an accessory.
We had already discussed how to have snakes coming from her hair. She determined that her real hair should show so a headpiece or wig that covered her hair wouldn’t be acceptable. We ended up making a headband, adding hair wraps, rubber snakes and temporary hair coloring to twists of hair and braids.

Our favorite things are the details we added like: the gold cuffs and yoke with green jewels, the three snake appliques with embroidered red eyes and the six miniature snakes that are attached to the headband with red bead eyes. The cape made her seem more powerful as a Medusa character, like she was a cobra flattening her neck ready to attack. She definitely portrayed the fierceness that Medusa was known for.

Don’t look too closely or you might turn to stone.

Homemade Medusa Unique Halloween Costume Idea

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