Coolest Homemade Mad Hatter Child Halloween Costume

My five year old daughter has crazy, curly, red hair. After taking her to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie she made her hair all messy and pulled it out to the sides saying “Mommy! I’m the Mad Hatter!”. Her sister had already decided she was going to be Alice for Halloween so it seemed perfect that she be in a homemade Mad Hatter child Halloween costume.

I found a pattern that had an Alice and a Mad Hatter costume. Both were dresses, which was fine since we have a girl Mad Hatter. The costumes on the pattern were pretty plain though so I decided to alter them and pick some crazy mix and match fabrics. I added an extra fabric layer at the hem of the skirt, detailing on the bodice of the dress, and detailed accessories like the sash of spools, the ribbon belt, and the peacock feather in the hat. The hat we bought at a store but it had other Halloween embellishments glued on it. I pulled them off and added the pink ribbon, “In this style 10/6″ tag, and peacock feather.

We did her make-up based on the Johnny Depp character and, while her hair was pretty close naturally, we added lots of very stiff hairspray and orange hair color spray to boost the color a bit. She has a fun and crazy personality so she was perfect for the part.

Homemade Mad Hatter Child Halloween Costume

Homemade Mad Hatter Child Halloween Costume

Homemade Mad Hatter Child Halloween Costume

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  1. That us the best hatter ever. It really is the perfect combo of crazy hair and a too cute costume. Of course, the hatter’s expressions are perfect in the photos!

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