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Cool Homemade LEGO Indiana Jones Costume

I have a four year old son, Jones or “Jonesy” as he likes to be called, who LOVES Legos. Maybe love isn’t even the right word. I think saying he is obsessed with Legos would be more fitting. So this year for Halloween he decided that instead of dressing up like plain old Indiana Jones he wanted a Homemade LEGO Indiana Jones Costume.

It started with some taped cardboard shaped as the top half of the body and since that wasn’t too hard we started on to the rest of the body. After of hours of working on it together it finally came together. He loved helping me create his costume and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. He is so excited to wear it this Halloween! Too bad we will have to cart him around on a hand truck since it isn’t too easy for a four year old to walk in!

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  1. Could you give more specifics on how you constructed this!? My 4 year old is dying over this. Please, please post some instructions. Amazing!


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