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Original Homemade LEGO Indiana Jones Costume

This year my son wanted me to make a LEGO Indiana Jones costume for him.

I searched the coolest-homemade-costumes.com site and although there were no Indiana Jones costumes to reference, I found some neat ideas for LEGO characters. By seeing the examples and reading their directions, I improvised for our costume.

Directions: (1) For the head, I bought two styrofoam circles found at our local craft store. I measured the height of my son’s head and cut three dowels to that length. I then inserted the three dowels, evenly spaced apart, to the bottom circle (base of the head). For the top piece, I aligned it with the bottom and pressed down.

(2a) For face, I tightly wrapped a peach-colored fabric around the top and bottom of the “dowel cylinder” and attached the material with duct tape around the top and bottom circles. I then referenced the game package and free-handed the face. (I cut the black part out of the mouth, attached a see-through black material to the inside of the mouth, making the perfect “peep hole”.)

(2b)Because this peephole did not align well with his eyes, I had to wrap one additional circular foam piece, attaching it in the form of a neck, to prop the whole piece up, again using duct tape.

3)The hat was formed by using a large foil roaster pan and taping a wide cardstock strip around this horizontally to give it a little height. This piece was wrapped with brown material and duct-taped. It was the right size, tight enough to fit down on the head, but could also have been taped.

4) The body was simply a decorated box. I could have gone all-out with the box legs, etc., but for the practicality of a 7 yr old boy I felt it would be too cumbersome. An additional feature not shown in the photo was the Lego hands, made by my husband using two thick cardboard rolls, cut down and attached with dowels.

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