Coolest Homemade Lady with Baby Optical Illusion Costume

I love making costumes that challenge me to think. With this Homemade Lady with Baby Optical Illusion Costume, I wanted to be the baby and the mom simultaneously. So, I am the mom’s extremities such as her hands and legs, but I am also the baby’s face.

The mom’s face is a mannequin head onto my shoulders. The head is connected to football shoulder pads in which I wear. I had to design an outfit that would fit and hide the shoulder pads. I also had to cut the dress so my face can come out to be the face of the baby. The baby’s body had to be large enough to fit the size of my head. I attach the body to the dress and dress myself with a baby bonnet, bib, and pacifier.

To be a responsible mom, I had a diaper bag prepared with diapers and baby bottles. This costume was very fun to make and I get a lot of reaction from people. Some people think the costume is hilarious and others think it is very scary.

The costume plays with people’s minds because they see me as the baby and not as the mom. When the mom’s arms move as well as the baby, I get many different reactions from people.