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Cool Homemade Kissing Booth Costume

What do you dress up as when you are desperate for some male attention but slightly shy and need a way to say hello and sneak a free kiss at the same time?

A kissing booth! Hours of entertainment, but don’t forget your chapstick or breath freshener.

A Homemade Kissing Booth Costume is always a winner at dress up parties. They might take up a bit of extra space on the dance floor but when you’re a kissing booth you have people lining up for a piece of the action.

This design took me a few hours to complete with red undercoats, pink detailing, white hand-drawn Victorian motifs and hand dyed pink silk roses. Who would have thought golf storage boxes would be the perfect size for a box of love?

Please Note: Wear with caution? You will be required to kiss all the hotties as well as the notties!

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