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Coolest Homemade Kissing Booth Costume

This Kissing Booth Costume I came up with when I was thinking about getting my first kiss. I was really depressed because everyone at my school was kissing girls and I was really jealous. I thought maybe, if I can’t get the girls to come to me with my looks, maybe I can get them with a Halloween costume.

I got to work right away sketching out ideas of what I could do when it finally hit me. I can make a kissing booth! I got a big cardboard box and I cut a big hole in the front. I printed out the word “KISSING BOOTH” and pasted it on the front. I also made up a rule list so I wouldn’t have little six year old girls chasing me around or any gay guys. I also put right on there that all kisses were free.

I didn’t get a kiss from the girl I liked but that was probably because I was to chicken to go up to her, but I got a kiss from a bunch of hot women in their 20s!

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