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Coolest Kissing Booth Woman’s Costume

How to make this Homemade Kissing Booth Woman’s Costume:

1. Start with Large box that will fit around your bottom cut off flaps on top and bottom
2. Find a spray paint to color box I used light pink and used a glitter spray over it
3. Use black paint and brush to paint words, also used a paint pen to trim the letters.
4. I used a red lace found at Jo Ann Fabrics in ribbon section trimmed the top of the box
5. I hand drew lips on the flaps of the box that I had removed and seperately cut out the shape of the top lip and the bottom lip. Then glued it to the box.
6. I cut out the shape of the feather heart out of cardboard and individually glued feathers around it.
7. For the curtin rods I used very thick durable presentation board I found around my house and cut out strips. I duct taped the strips very thick on the inside corners of the box. At the top of the strips I duct taped more strips to make a full square that would fit at the top of the curtin rods.
8. I used red fabric to mimic the curtons. I did not sew the curtins I super glued them to look like they were sewed and tied them with a ribbon to look like they were tied up.
9. I added a light pink fabric at the top of the curtin rods to look like it was trimmed so no flaws were seen.
10. To hang the box over my body I poked holes through the box attached pink polkadot ribbon and criss crossed it over my back.

This costume was a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted pictures with me. Only problem I experienced was wearing it to a college town bar. The intoxicated wild kids kept slamming into me and by the end of the night my curtin rods were lop sided.

Homemade Kissing Booth Woman's Costume

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