My Cool DIY Zoltar Costume

Here’s my Zoltar costume from 2014. We always dress up for work and in 2013 no one got what I was – a stick man. Epic failure. I was adamant to ensure that whatever I was going to be in 2014 I would be instantly recognisable.

I’ve always been obsessed with Zoltar machines and I’d seen a boy in a homemade booth costume and started to research doing an adult version. Buying for the costume included multiple trips to Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, and Joanns just for the booth. My gypsy costume took as many trips to clothing stores to try and find gypsy related attire that didn’t break the bank.

Gypsy costume sorted, I started on the booth. It took me (and my husband who got roped into helping) about 20 hours in total, to cut, attach, glue, fix, re-fix every part of the booth so that I had complete movement and that I was able to turn on and off the lighting parts as needed.

To top off the Zoltar costume I found fortunes that my husband printed and we painstaking taped them to 3 decks of playing cards. These were to be given to my co-workers.

On the day, I dressed up and had many meetings in my Gypsy costume, everyone thought I was a belly dancer – sheesh! Little did they know. At lunch for the festivities I put on the lighted booth and made my entrance.

People went nuts! Of course I hammed it up and when they would approach and ask me for a fortune, I’d place my hand on the glowing crystal saying “may favor be ever in your future” and hand them out a card. It helped that people get fortunes that they liked, or worse, were freaked out cause they were apparently too close to reality.

The Zoltar costume was a lot of fun. I think I had my picture taken with just about everyone in the building, and when I posted pics to my facebook account I had people offering $$ for the Zoltar costume. I couldn’t part with it. And actually used the booth as a decoration for Halloween.

Only bad part – it got HOT, really HOT in the booth, between the lights and the layers of material. But it was worth every minute of discomfort.

My Cool DIY Zoltar Costume

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