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Coolest Homemade Kiss Family Halloween Costume

I got this homemade Kiss family Halloween costume idea from this website and talked my four kids into being Kiss for Halloween.

I started by purchasing a plain black shirt and leggings for each kid at Target. Then I went to JoAnne Fabric and purchased 2 yards of silver shimmery fabric. I used all two yards. I also bought a bottle of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion, fabric glue from JoAnne’s. I looked at a lot of different costumes that Kiss has had. I searched on YouTube and the internet. I designed my own as close to the band members as possible.

I cut out the different designs for each kids and glued it onto the shirts and pants. I bought white, black and green face paint from Target. I shopped around for the rocker wigs and found the best price at Kmart.

The boys wore snow boots (even though my youngest refused to wear anything but sneakers at the last minute) and the girls wore fake Uggs from Target.

Price of One costume:

Shirt and pants at Target- $12
Make- Up: $1
Wig from Kmart- $6
Silver Fabric- $4
Total per costume- $23 plus boots
Total for 4 kids- $100

I know I could have bought a costume for about the same price but this is so original and got so many comments. Everyone loved it.

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  1. Sure you could have saved time & spent a similar amount of money by buying costumes, but what fun is that. Yours are way nicer than some of the ones you can buy. I’m a mom & a KISS fan & I just love them!!


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