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Coolest Homemade Gene, Paul and Ace from KISS Kids Costume

Here are our homemade Gene, Paul and Ace from KISS costumes for Kids. My kids won contests in our hometown and in a Radio Disney contest in our capital with hundreds of contestants.

Here’s what I did for this Homemade Gene, Paul and Ace from KISS Kids Costume:

Gene – I took a belt and pants from last year’s Clone Wars Obi Wan Costume, spray-painted parts silver and drew a monster face on the front of both boots with fabric paint. I bought plastic chains at Home Depot and painted them silver and attached them at the back. I bought a cheap cape, gloves, and choker at Party City along w/a Kiss
wig and make-up from Walmart. Design was loosely based on Gene’s Love Gun Suit.

Paul- I took an existing coat and spray-painted the lapel silver. I cut out stars from silver fabric and glued them onto the coat, pants, and boots. The boot wraps were cut off from last year’s Clone Trooper costume and spray-painted. The wig, choker, and make-up were bought at Wal-Mart. Design was based on Paul’s 1978
Love Gun suit, boots were based on his Alive boots.

Ace- I bought a plain black shirt and pants. I cut out lightning bolts of silver fabric and pasted them on. I also painted silver some shoulder pieces from an old Wolverine suit and glued those on as well. I used some of the arm armour from that same Clone trooper costume mentioned above and spray-painted some old shoes silver. Wig and make-up were from Wal-Mart.
I mixed parts of Ace’s Alive and Creatures of the Night costumes for this design.

I’m not sure what this all cost me, but I am sure that it cost less than half of what the official Kiss kids costumes would have cost me and I think they came out just as good or even better!

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