Coolest Homemade Jewelry Box Ballerina Costume

This costume was so easy to make. I love crafts and this one fit right up my alley! After plugging in my trusty hot glue gun, I cut a hole out of the bottom of a copier paper box. Then I wrapped the box in light pink bulletin board paper. The drawers I made from the cardboard boxes the paper came in. I attached the lid to the back with a mix of hot glue and packing tape. I added the feather boa around the edge and an aluminum foil mirror with a ribbon frame.

The drawers had sticker jewelry added (to make it more realistic) with flowers for handles and heart stickers were added all over the box. We added ribbon suspenders (to keep it up). She wore a body suit and tights underneath with a dollar store crown on her head!

I LOVE this costume! Unfortunately, it did not make it through the rainy night! But we have our pictures to remember it by!