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Coolest Homemade Human Picnic Costume

This Human Picnic Idea came to me browsing through Wal-Mart. As a college student without a lot of money I saw an inexpensive set of ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles. I bought two plastic red bowls for the bikini top and cut holes in the tops and sides. Simple white string was weaved through the holes and tie just like a bathing suit.

I used a label maker to write {ALL YOU}{CAN EAT} on the bowls. The skirt was made of red and white checkered fabric (I suppose you could also use a REAL table cloth too). I left it as a square and cut a circle the size of my waist. My big hips kept it in place but you could also pin and/or tuck it into a pair of shorts.

Black magic marker or black face crayons were used to create a line of marching ants up one leg, around my waist and then down the opposite arm.

The ketchup and mustard bottles were filled with water and soda (I was underage at the time, but you could do this with liquor). I tied the white string around the caps and tied it to my hip. It was a HUGE hit!

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