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Coolest Homemade Harry Potter Pet Costume

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, actually my whole family is (minus my husband). So when Halloween came around I found it only fitting to make our four legged child Harry Potter!!!

For the glasses, I used brown pipe cleaners with masking tape to make them look broken! I looped them around his ears (which was not the easiest thing to do). The lightning bolt is yellow construction paper. His cape is navy fabric from Walmart that I then drew and colored a Griffendor label to make it totally official!!

As you can see I attached a stick to the side for his wand! I learned to crochet in college during the hours of not wanting to study, so I bought the yarn at Walmart and crocheted the official Griffendor color scarf!!!!

I think this is my best work yet!!

Harry “Cooper” Potter in his homemade Harry Potter pet costume.

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