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Coolest Homemade Halloween Costume Inspired by the RMS Titanic

Hudson, my 8 year old son has a fascination with old ships like the RMS Titanic, the Olympic and the Mauritania. When asked what he would like to be for Halloween, he said, without a doubt, “a ship! “

Once that was settled we began searching high and low for boxes. (The one we really needed was thrown into the recycle bin weeks ago.) We started looking behind all the large appliance stores and did not find anything which wasn’t already crushed. We decided to check inside the Home Depot store and see if they had any materials we could use. We found a nice man who gave us 2 large sheets of cardboard used for packing which were going to be thrown away. We managed to finagle them into our Jeep and bring them home without much wear and tear.

Back at the house, Hudson’s Nana began cutting and fitting all the pieces together using website photos for reference. She is very creative and has done many of these box-style costumes for him in previous years. At first it feels like an impossible task to convert a brown box into anything creative. Within a few days of work the shapes start to resemble that of a ship. We tested the ship on my son many times to see how it would fit on him. With his art direction we were able to add the smoke stacks (local hardware store), the portholes (stickers from Amazon), the flags (Amazon), railings (saved from our gopher wire used in the garden), rudder, ship name (stickers from Amazon) and propellers (Amazon). The rest was completed with paint, hot glue and pin-striping for the details. In total we only spend maybe $30. But our love sweat and tears was priceless.

Hudson loves his ship costume and wore it to our local Fall Harvest Faire. He got smothered in compliments and adored by onlookers. People are shocked that the propellers actually turn.

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