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Cool Homemade Ghostbusters Costume

I made this Homemade Ghostbusters Costume for my senior year of high-school. Submitted was a mix of pictures from various states of production. Currently the boom-box (which was used to power the top mounted speakers) is incorporated onto the pack so I don’t have to hold it any more.

The pack is 45 pounds, since it is made out of wood, and the speakers are a bit heavy. The pack gets loud enough to be heard from quite a distance, and is usually playing the Ghostbusters theme, or a variation of it (its hooked up to an mp3 player, so I can theoretically play anything).

In all the pack cost me $20 to put the 6 lights on it. Everything else I got for free. The pack is entirely made from scratch, and is loosely biased off of the specs for the official packs. I am currently using it at college for a Halloween concert I am playing in.

 Ghostbusters Costume

 Ghostbusters Costume

 Ghostbusters Costume

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