Coolest Geico Money DIY Costume

My homemade Geico money costume came from the insanely funny Geico commercials. My specific costume idea is from the commercials featuring the Geico Money, “Sometimes it feels like somebody’s waaatching you” I didn’t know how I was going to pull it off but with a call to packing company to find sheets of Styrofoam and a few other ingenious ideas I finally assembled a work of art… at least in my giant googley eyes.

It started with cutting Styrofoam sheets, stacking them (staggered a little to resemble money) then skewered at different angles and hot-glued to secure together. I cut out a hole just the size of my waist and then began designing it. I sprayed the whole thing a light green and then copied a 5 dollar bill the best I could using a Sharpie on the top layer.

To make the eyes I bought cheap clocks, turned around the face with numbers and added a construction paper pupil. The money wrap is also construction paper as well. Finally I got some suspenders and made wire u’s with hangers in the Styrofoam to attach the suspenders to. I wore plain black sweatpants as to not detract from the design and I had a blast dancing it up as the Geico money.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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