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Coolest Homemade Fallen Angel Costume

As a Police Officer, I wanted to do something totally opposite to myself. I thought of a A Fallen Angel costume. Good and bad at the same time.

My costume consisted of a dress which I bought from Joyce Leslie for $25.00. This was a sexy dress and I also chose it because you could wear it on other occasions. I bought the wings from Dollar Tree. The wings were just a stocking wrapped around wire, and they were blue. I used shoe polish to color the stocking black, bought a Boa from Claire’s, pulled the feathers and hot- glued them onto the wings. I threw on a sexy pair of stockings and a pair of boots I already had.

The make-up idea came from a tutorial off You Tube. I typed in Fallen Angel make-up tutorial, sat in front of the computer with my mirror and applied my make-up. There ya go! A sexy Homemade Fallen Angel Costume.

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