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Original Homemade Energizer Bunny Costume

This homemade Energizer bunny costume is original, built-in storage, and of course… flattering!

Result: Bunny + Energizer!

I made the energizer bunny drum from a drum-style basket I found at Michael’s – there were a million drum style / shape items at Michael’s since it’s the holiday season, but you could grab a regular basket and add drum details on the sides if you needed.

I used white foam sheets to cover the basket bottom, and for the top I attached a zipper so that I could zip/unzip the drum and put my purse items inside! I was determined not to lose camera/wallet/keys this year!

The straps are made from thick velvety ribbon, doubled, and I attached everything together with a staple gun for extra durability (if you don’t need the storage element, you could probably get away with glue) – Guys, you could throw a few beverages in here for portable refreshment.

I enlarged and printed out a picture of the energizer battery I found on Google and pasted that on top of the white foam sheets! Voila!

The rest of the homemade Energizer bunny costume is a white bustier, skirt, bunny ears, pink wig, and fuzzy boot covers – no I didn’t make those :)

Homemade Energizer Bunny Costume

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