Our family decided to pay tribute to those that have gone before us, and celebrate the day of the dead holiday. We dressed up and painted our faces as sugar skulls, to honor those we have loved and lost, and to celebrate life!

We sewed bowties and trim for the hats, painted flowers and glued them on hats for the boys. We sewed a petticoat for my daughter’s dress, painted flowers and glued them to a headband for her headpiece, and sewed fingerless gloves for the girls.

We spent about five hours painting our faces, using Wolfe FX face paints for our sugar skull makeup.

We had a practice round to make sure the kids would sit through face painting, but we still underestimated the time it would take to do all of our faces, so we didn’t get any pictures with light, but we were eerily surprised with the results of the flash after dark, lighting up our face makeup. We took shots on and beneath a local bridge (train tracks turned trail) that we like to ride our bikes over and watch the salmon.

We went trick or treating and got incredible reactions at every house. Most people hollered for others to come see us, “you HAVE to see this family!” It was a lot of fun.