Hello my homemade costume friends; (sorry if I make some English mistake) my name is Teddy, I live in Brazil, in a city call Iguaçu Falls. For last year I decide to make my own Davy Jones costume from Pirates of Caribbean. In our town we have this costume party every year that has a costume contest which I won in 2009 with this Homemade Davy Jones Costume from Pirates of Caribbean.

I started watching some pictures of the movie, drawings, pictures by side and back of the character, watching some other Davy Jones costumes on Youtube. I´ve seen great talented guys making latex masks and other expensive stuff, them I decided to make mine as cheap as possible, using recyclables and some other cheap materials.

I used cardboard for the inside and paper mache for the outside for the Davy´s crab Claw, and crab Leg and Paper Mache for the Mask. For the Tentacles I used foam underneath and cirugic gloves cutted finger by finger and put together with a hot glue gun. The details of the bottom of the sea are made with paper mache and real sea shells.

Thank you, any questions just post below and I’ll answer!