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Coolest DIY Cupcake Halloween Costume

I use my nieces and nephews for inspiration. This niece told me she wanted a Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume for Halloween. I went to Walmart, got a cart, and cruised the aisles looking for anything that could become a cupcake.

A round laundry basket served as the cake holder. My husband sawed the bottom off and I used a power drill to make holes along the sides to attach the pleated “foil”. The “foil” cupcake holder is one of those folded things you put in your car’s front windshield to keep the sun out. Four inch plastic cable ties were threaded through the holes in the windshield thingy, into the bucket and cinched tight. Wide elastic was threaded through the rope handles and sewn end to end to form criss-cross suspenders.

The fluffy cake is a doughnut pillow made by sewing pink satiny material to pink gauzy material, shaping it and stuffing it with fiberfill. This goes over her sweet head and fits on the bucket, arms over pillow. A non-stuffed shawl of the same material covers her shoulders and neck. The “sprinkles” are round foam cut outs tacked with thread onto the “frosting”.

The hat had several incarnations. The pink “dollop of frosting” is an inverted paper bowl covered in same pink material. This was tacked onto the “cherry”, which is read pleather sewn from oval-ish strips, think of the fanned out pictures of the globe we all saw in elementary school. A hole was left in the middle for the “candle”, which is a paper towel roll, also covered in material.

The “flame” is a round battery operated gadget supplied by my sister-in-law. Material covered elastic was finally (FINALLY!!) tacked onto the paper dollop with Velcro at the ends to strap under her chin.

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