Coolest DIY Cupcake Halloween Costume

Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume

I use my nieces and nephews for inspiration. This niece told me she wanted a Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume for Halloween. I went to Walmart, got a cart, and cruised the aisles looking for anything that could become a cupcake. A round laundry basket served as the cake holder. My husband sawed the bottom off … Read more

Coolest Homemade Chili Pepper Halloween Costume

Homemade Chili Pepper Halloween Costume

This nephew wanted to be a Jalapeno pepper, but he kept saying he wanted it in red. I finally figured out he wanted a Homemade Chili Pepper Halloween Costume, like the ones he sees at the restaurant he loves. I brazenly stole the image of the chili pepper from aforementioned restaurant’s web site. God forgive … Read more

Coolest Homemade Snoopy Costume

Homemade Snoopy Costume

When I asked the youngest nephew what he wanted to be for Halloween, there was no hesitation, a Homemade Snoopy Costume. At this point, I realized I was being overly brave to give him an open ended choice. For the body, I cheated a little and bought a pattern for a jumper, but altered it … Read more