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Coolest Homemade Counting Sheep Group Costume

This Counting Sheep group costume was very easy and cheep; it was a little time-consuming but, with two pairs of hands, things go faster.

We averaged per costume six to seven bags of 300 cotton balls, five to six packets of glue packs and an old dress or shirt. We all wore black tights and had on a black shirt under the costume.
For the ears, we used headbands and cardboard, covered in black furry socks.

Each costume ended up being under $30 each. It’s a perfect group costume and is sure to turn heads. You can have as many sheep as you like, and even get a shepherd to herd you around!

One word of warning: glue guns are very hot, and if you get glue on your skin, take it off immediately.

Hope you have a baaarific Halloween!

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