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Coolest Sheep Halloween Costume

I did this sheep Halloween costume for Halloween 08! It turned out great and was very warm for when I went outside. I used 1 white hoody and 1 pair or white sweatpants. 1,150 cotton balls and about 10-15 bottles of fabric glue. I got the fabric glue that remains “flexible” because if you don’t your fluffy sheep costume will be hard as a rock!(your local Walmart).

I did the cotton balls one by one. It does get tedious but it turns out great! The creepy looking mask I purchased off eBay for 6 bucks. I’m telling you though the mask made the costume! I had black gloves and black shoes. The ears were actually cut off piglet ears (from a stuffed animal) and then those too I lined the back with cotton balls. Then safety pinned them onto my hood.

I was that close to winning most original costume. I was the hit of the party! I kept the mask on all night so I was a mystery to many people and danced around and bobbed my head to the music. It was hilarious!

1 white hoody
1 white pair of sweatpants

Approx 1,150 Cotton balls, they sell them in surplus stores in bulk sets of 400.

Fabric glue, the flexible kind (you can purchase this at Walmart).

3 Safety pins, 1 for tail and one for each ear.

Waa Laa! Home made sheep Halloween costume!

Sheep Costume

Sheep Costume

Sheep Costume

Sheep Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Sheep Halloween Costume”

  1. hello just want to know pls where did you find the mask i search but i dont find it?
    how much is it for your mask ?
    annik (your costume is awsome
    sorry for mi english …

  2. I made this costume today. I meant to start it earlier but Im a procrastinator by nature. It took me 13 hours to complete today. I ran out of glue and went to the store and found some fabric adhesive spray that works wonders. It would have taken me at least 3 more hours had it not been for that spray.

    I looked for the mask, can’t find it. Ill just paint my face.

    Thanks for posting these pics, I can’t wait to wear my costume tomorrow night. It seems really heavy, I hope that it won’t be too heavy.


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