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10+ Cute and Fun Homemade Lamb and Sheep Costumes

These delicious and cuddly lamb and sheep costumes look and feel like a giant hug. They are adorable and fun; not to mention very warming on a cold Halloween night.

You will discover what worked and what didn’t for these cool costume makers here. Pro tip: buy way more cotton balls than you think you will need. Many of the people here admit they went back to the store far more times than they would have liked!

One awesome girlfriend spent hours gluing cotton balls to create an adult male sheep costume for her boyfriend. Check out how happy he looks!

In addition, some of these costumes required sewing machines, but there are many of these looks you can create without reaching for a needle and thread.

So if you are looking for inexpensive and appealing looks to create this Halloween, these awesome homemade lamb and sheep costumes are for you!