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Coolest Homemade Flock of Sheep Group Costume

For Halloween a group of us decided on a Homemade Flock of Sheep Group Costume. I mean when else could you have an opportunity to bah at people?

So for the costumes we bought white t-shirts, shorts the girls, pants the boys, black tights, white cotton fluff, glue, small bells, black felt, white bandannas, long black dress socks and black ribbon (all at Wal-mart- very cheap).

First we glued the cotton fluff onto the white shirts, shorts and bandanna. We balled up a bunch of cotton for the tail and glued it on. (Velcro may have been a better choice). It took about a day for everything to dry. We cut floppy ear shapes out of the black felt and pinned them on the bandannas tied around our heads.

We put a bell on a piece of black ribbon to put around our necks. Then we put on our shorts/ pants, black tights for the girls, t-shirts and long black dress socks on the arms. Looking back it would have been fun to have a black sheep or a wolf in the bunch. We did however run into a shepherd that night.

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