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Original Homemade Couch Potato Costume

The first part of the Couch Potato Costume made is the potato. I bought a textured beige curtain panel, folded it in half, sewed the rectangle 3/4ths around, leaving enough room to stuff it with quilt batting. I then sewed small pockets across the top and bottom of the stuffed rectangle and ran elastic through the pockets long enough to make drawstrings at the top and bottom.

When I pulled the drawstrings tight, it made an oval shape, leaving the center hollow so it could be fitted over my son’s body. I then cut and sewed holes for the face and arms to stick out and used stick-on Velcro to close the seam in the back. The couch is made of two boxes wired and glued together. I cut a hole in the bottom box and attached straps that connected from the back of the couch to the seat which acted like suspenders to hold the box up. I used spray adhesive on the box and then covered it with a stretchy twin sheet that looked like upholstery.

Once my son was strapped into the couch, I put on the potato costume on him to cover the straps. I also glued snack bags and a remote to the couch, and then stuffed knee-hi hose with batting, put on socks, and then attached them as legs. He won 1st place at our community’s Halloween costume contest.

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