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Coolest Couch Potato Costumes

Such a fun costume to make. I will try my best to describe how I did it. I bought pink foam board from a home improvement store cut and glued it into the shape of a couch. I cut a hole in the seat big enough for a body and hot glued old book bag straps from the back of the sofa to the seat (front of the hole). I added stuffing on the arms and sofa then covered with fabric,  gluing it down.

Then I made the potatoes cutting fabric in a potato shape big enough to fit around the person, cut holes for the face and arms and glued bottom around the hole on the sofa seat (I had two layers of fabric so that I could stuff in between them. Make the legs and decorate the chair with junk food and remotes and such. It was a fun costume to make and even funnier because it’s true.

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