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Coolest Homemade Couch Potato Halloween Costume

We wanted our two year old’s costume to be unique, and I wasn’t looking forward to spending $30 for a store-bought one to wear one time.

My Mother used to make mine when I was a child, so I thought I would get an early start on learning how to make ones for my son. I was fresh out of ideas, but his Daddy wanted the costume to reflect his personality.

He loves watching television, so all of the sudden while I was putting him to bed one night, a couch potato popped into my head, complete with spud duds and a remote. This child LOVES remotes, so getting to carry one as he goes from house to house having people give him candy? He’s going to think he’s in heaven!

I started this Homemade Couch Potato Halloween Costume with two pillow cases, and that, along with some batting and a little bit of cloth ribbon for back ties, left thread as the only other supply needed.

The rest of the story was a lot of thread, frustration, and words that are scary any time of year and not just at Halloween…but in the end, he was quite a cute ‘lil tater!

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