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Coolest Homemade Couch Potato Costume

To make this “Couch Potato” costume I used a purchased poncho pattern. I bought a tan fleece with brown markings to resemble a potato. (Using fleece is a great way to keep kids warm on cold Halloween nights.)

For the couch I used a cardboard box. I cut a hole out of the middle of the box for my son’s body to fit through. I cut the arms of the couch down a little and left the back higher. I covered the box with foam and then with the ugliest plaid fabric I could find. I attached straps made from wide ribbon to the box where the hole was. I covered the straps, where they went across my son’s shoulders, with several layers of felt to make them softer. The straps worked perfectly to hold up the couch. I then glued the poncho to the couch.

I added accessories such as the beef jerky, Cheetos, and the remote. Everything was done with a glue gun except the poncho, which was sewn. It was easy for my son to just open the top of the poncho and step in and pull up the straps to hold it up. (It is also possible to slip the couch over his head like a shirt and put the straps on.) He wore brown sweat pants and a brown sweat shirt underneath for added warmth. It wasn’t heavy at all. He wore it to an outdoor party for two hours and never complained. It was a HUGE hit!

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